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Greece, Volos  9-30-11 2034Greece, Volos  9-30-11 2036Greece, Volos  9-30-11 2129Greece, Volos  Housescape 2030Greece, Volos  Landscape 2020Greece, Volos  Line of boats 2156Greece, Volos  Stairs 2052Greece, Volos  Steps w Leaves 2149Greece, Volos 3 Chimneys  2067Greece, Volos chairs over fountain 2075Greece, Volos dog & Cat 2073Greece, Volos Fountain-chairs-flower pot 1 2110Greece, Volos Lonely House 2040Greece, Volos Street of stones 2099Greece, Volos Tree&Bench 2148Greece, Volos  9-30-11 2133Greece, Volos  9-30-11 2150Greece, Volos  Cat on ledge 2125Greece, Volos  House with Flower Pots 2047Greece, Volos  Line of boats 2156